Chris Carpenter


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In my opinion he's the Cy Young winner in the National League, his number are out of this world. He's 16-3, 2.16 ERA, 0.966 Whip, only allowed 30 walks in 166 innings pitched only allowed 40 earned runs all season. To me there's no one better in the National League.

With that being said, as a Jays fan it's very hard to swallow those numbers because Carpenter was a former Blue Jay and he was never this good. His best season was in 1998 when he went 12-7, not even close to the numbers he's been putting up since joining the Cardinals.

The reason why the Jays didn't re-sign him is because he wasn't all that good in the first place and he was coming off Tommy John Surgery so they didn't believe he was able to recover from it. The Cardinals were very smart to sign him because he's been one of the pitchers in the National League since joining them.


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Baseball Tonight Clubhouse: Is Chris Carpenter the best pitcher in baseball? - MLB - ESPN

Awesome article Vegito PM'ed me...

Probably the best move Walt Jocketty made (well one of the best) was signing Carpenter to a one million dollar contract when he knew he'd miss the whole was such a steal.

The man is a pro through and s a shame he's been hurt because hes as good as it gets.

Wainwright has 17 wins (going for 18 today) but I think I'd go with carp as the cy young award winner right now...things can change but what he's done is remarkable.


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Yeah MJ, if I was you I'd be pissed lol.

But when it comes down to the Cy young it's gonna be close. The time Carp missed does hurt him but you can't ignore the numbers he has put up.

I think Cain is out of the running. It's really between Carp, Lincecum and I think that Wainwright has a good shot which might hurt both himself and Carp.


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even though wainwright has got to 18 wins i think id still give it to carpenter.....chris needs to get some more innings in his back pocket because i think thatll work against him.....the other 2 havent gone on the DL like carpenter did....

i think carpenter is the best pitcher....whether his numbers speake for it or not. the man is filthy.


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I think that only having around 150 innings pitched will hurt him a bit but if he goes the distance a couple of more times then that should be good enough. Wainwright does have eighteen wins under his belt but put his numbers beside Carpenter's and they don't even really compare.


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Wainwright is better right now. Lincecum and Wainwright are the only candidates for the cy Young title.