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I don't if anyone here watches this show, but the guy is crazy the things he does are just plainly amazing. I don't have any idea how the things he does are illusions and such, because it's unexplainable. Just look at this trick, how do you explain this one?


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His tricks are pretty bad ass . . even though his music blows something long and hard. I'd always wanted to know how they did this sort of shit.


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You can read the comments below, and sometimes people will just figure out the trick.

This isnt very impressive. He has a bunch of stand in actors that already know what is going to happen, and the lady who gets ripped apart is 2 different people. The one who you first see is complete. The one who gets ripped apart is a gimp with no legs and the toes you see wiggling are a prop that chris has. They just switch the ladies in between cuts. All the "shock" the audience feels afterwards is fake, they know what happened.
Actually, he just uses camera editing. If there was just one still camera shot, I would believe it. But see when they move to close ups, they just replace the women in full clothing with a women was born with half of her body. The legs are a contortionist. Notice the black skirt covering that angle.
I'm a skeptic when it comes to these shows, but I can't prove anything :p


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I love his shows, they sometimes freak me out, they are pretty amazing stunts.

And some of them are dangerous


We all know it's not real, but it is still an interesting show. The way he performs it, and the tricks he does, makes you wonder if it is real? He is paid to amaze people and he has most defiantely amazed me. I used to like David Blaine but his tricks are no where close to Angel's.
I like David Blaine and Chris Angel both and they are both amazing :thumbup: :clap:


I used to watch mindfreak but not anymore, just not intresting anymore, everyone knows it is fake though, like come on, no one can float in the air or go through glass walls without breaking them.


The guy is great at what he does, its just not real. But it does take real talent to not break under the presure and fucking up and killing your career.