Choosing Character Names/Persoanlities


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How do you choose your character names and personalities?

Do you name certain characters based off of people you know in real life out of spite (or to be nice?)

Do you write characters with people you know in real life in mind?

I've been working on character development quite a bit in something recent I've been working on and oddly enough the characters aren't really based directly on anybody I know. I find it easier to base characters on personalities of people I know in real life but starting a character up from scratch is sometimes more fun to do (and challenging at times).

I generally could care less about secondary character names so I just pick some and go for it. Primary character names are more important and I try to just pick names that I don't think have been overdone.


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I pick names for characters whose meanings bear relevance to their would-be owners.

It's a very sublime and (usually) personal easter-egg, but it's always rewarding when other people catch on.

Personalities generally develop themselves, although sometimes I've based them on real people.


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Names, for me, are usually random, though I try to make sure that they don't share any names with any of my other characters (which is getting harder and harder as the number of characters I have increases). Their personalities usually develop as I go along; most of them are blank slates until they "tell me" things that have happened in their pasts, or what they've done to other people during the course of the story. I hardly ever do any planning before I start writing.


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I came up with my characters names at random, I'll get a few random ones from books that I've read maybe, make up my own, or I'll use real people that I know as characters, I find that makes writing a lot easier.

I come up with my character's personalities at complete random, if the character is based off of someone that I know then usually I'll make that character be sort of like the person in real life, otherwise I'll make their personalities random, they're good personalities, not too complicated, but definitely not too simple.


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When I wrote before, I used names that I liked in general (and I can tell you, I've got a weirder taste in names then than now). Nothing to do with the characters' story at all. For secondary characters, I would pick names of people I know with similar story/personality or find a "baby name" whose meaning is close to the person's profile.


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I usually pick them at random and somehow the personalities develop around the name; but when i picked the name Marshall for my female lead it was because i wanted something a little bit unusual for a girl, but also something strong and leader like which can actually differ from her personality sometimes.
I'm not a writer, but I love making up background stories for people. Give me a pen and a list of random names on pieces of paper and I could occupy myself for hours :D I sometimes do that if I'm bored in a public place, look at people walking by and describe what I think their life story could be.
I don't think I'd ever base this, or names, on people I know personally. Names would just be chosen randomly, whatever suits the character I need to write about.


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I usually come up with names on random, but I've been trying to make character names more realistic or relating to their characters. I've developed my main character over the course of almost two years now and I still don't know where he stands.


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When I do RPG's on other forums, I usally use the same alias because it's a name that can be used over and over again for different scenarios. Otherwise I would pick names by combining names of people I would know in real life, take either their first or last names and combine it with someone else's. Such as:

Chance Valentine
Michael Hunter
Francis Highland
Ace Sloan

Names like those would work if your character in a novel or RPG were human or something. Aliens and Anthromorphs would be different for sure, lol.



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I looked up names on and use them when I'm doing sci-fi-ishh stuff. Otherwise, I just come up with the names at random. To make a base for a character, I think of someone I know, or knew and use them. Nothing personal. Also, each of the characters I create, bad or good, have a little bit of me in them.