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Choose Your Party


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I'd really be surprised to belong to a forum that every member would be in the same political party believing the same political views. I would also believe that all members would have different views.
I'm going to ask 2 simple questions and include options to make it easier..

1 Which of these parties do you support most and why? Here are the options:

A The Green Party
B Independants
C Liberals
D Tea Party
E Democrats
F Republicans
G Other

2 Which branches of these parties do you support most?

1 The House of Representative 2 The Senate


Free Spirit
Staff member
I guess independents, I don't agree with dems on much anymore and I don't agree with everything republican either. They all have their faults so I vote for the person not the party although lately I've given more support to the republicans.

I really can't chose between the house or senate. Sometimes I cheering one side then sometimes its the other.


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Independents. Mostly because this is the party of no party. Our current two party system (with one party with two faces for sales) is broken beyond repair.

The only fix is to vote those two parties out of power. This is nigh impossible, since they get to write laws (or rather, their sponsors' lawyers get to write laws that they blindly vote on without even bothering to read.)

Neither is more honest or less corrupt than the other. I support good people. Honest people with real integrity who are not afraid to take a stand. Sadly, these people usually only last one term before becoming disgusted with the corruption.


not a plastic bag
I'm nonparty but I never vote for anyone or any party that supports abortion. How that looks in real life is I generally vote Republican and it also means there are parties that I can't support at all.
People say the parties are the same but in SC we've almost eliminated abortions. That only happened through the election of local Republicans. The national Republican party I have almost zero hope for.


Embrace the Suck
Liberals is not a party, it's an ideology. I don't classify myself as a member of any party. I believe in small, limited government, non excessive taxation, the right to bear arms for ones own self defense, but I do not recognize the "right" to kill your unborn child. I do believe in legalizing non hard drugs like marijuana. I would probably categorize myself as conservative leaning libertarian.


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I used to think similar as Men In Tights because I thought Republicans held the Christian view. This might be true in the days of Washington and Lincoln. In modern day America it's not so true. For example it seems that everyone who gets into office is a male. All of this worry about an African American President and yet no one is worried about the first female President. I think this proves that the government is more of a male aspect.
Whether or not Oprah Winfrey would have been the first female President will never know because she's not running.

When Arnold got sworn in as Gov. of California he was sworn in as a Republican. He's a Christian right? The answer is No he is simply a politician. You have to remember that a politician wants to get as many votes as he can get. Arnold was in favor of gay marriage. He in fact attended more than one marriage to show his support. As far as abortion I don't think he talked about it much. Then Mitt Romney was a Democrat Gov.. What a coincidence that Mitt all of a sudden became a Republican. He knew that the Democrats wouls support Barack Obama as the prime candidate. So Romney tries to convince us he's into the Republican views. When people read his agenda the people found out that it wasn't much different than Obama's. That proves Romney was more Democrat after all.

I think the US Congress has more say than on the issues we talk about. So it might be better to work this out with the Gov of your state. Some states will allow to be married automatically if they were together for at least 7 yrs.. Gay rights have more more rights in New York than it does in Utah. If you're really strong in your beliefs then you may have to move to another state. The US Congress and President have so many issues on their desk that it would take years before they would get to yours. Don't forget they're dealing with with foreign affairs also. So whether your for or against abortion the law will not change unless the US Congress wants to work on this issue. if the President vetoes that abortion is now illegal the Congress now have to get 3/4 vote to be able to pass as law. That usually never happens and that's why laws always stay the same.

I'm not going for Republicans because most these days don't support God like they claim they do. I'm not going for Democrats because they're too worried about putting money into their own party and attacking Republicans all the time. No to the Green Party because even Wiccans and Satanists have the same rights as all the parties. You want Wiccans and Satanists ruling our government? No thanks. I have to think like a judge in court. I will lean toward the Independent party. Hopefully he or she will will make good decisions. Making good decisions is what America is all about. If you want God to work in your country vote for the right candidate, support your church if you go to one and help your fellow man. Jesus claims no party so why should we?
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Embrace the Suck
Why should I worry about a female president? I'm Hispanic, I sure as hell don't worry about the first Hispanic president. Shouldn't we hold ourselves to a higher standard? And worry much less about someone's gender or ethnicity and worry more about what he/she stands for? If you are going to claim you are "Independent", then be so. Judge a candidate based on what they stand for and what they claim they will do, not on whether someone has a penis or a vagina, or has a certain pigmentation to their skin.

That's what bugged the shit out of me about many of Obama's supporters. They talked about "making history" and "the first black president". Who gives a shit? Vote for the guy or not vote for the guy based on what he stands for.


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Captain Obvious I think there's a misunderstanding here. I mostly was saying there's never been a female president in all US history. I'm not saying it's unfair I'm saying it as a fact. Many people voted for Obama based on he was the first black President in US history. You're correct that we also haven't had a Hispanic president either. I believe Mario Rubio from Florida not to long ago was running for President. Well I get Obama and Romney were the prime candidates.

This may sound off topic but Triple G is going to fight Alvarez on May 5th Cinco de Mayo. Oscar de LoHoya is of course promoting the match. Triple G is from Kazastghan. He curretly holds 3 middleweight belts. Alvarez has 1 middleweight belt. With a similar record the winner will get all 4 belts.
Triple G feeling that LaHoya promoting the match on Cinco deMayo will not like him. Triple G in turn is starting to leatn the boxing style of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Thefans knowing this are now starting to favor Triple G. The lesson learned in this is boxers don't always tell the truth because they want to surprise their opponents. In politics they don't say things that are truthful just to get votes. The only difference between these 2 topics is that just trying to win a fight boxing has gloves and a ring and politics doesn't and they fight also.

Sometimes in boxing and politics things are not always truthful and fair. That's why we vote for gender or race but on their abilities what they can do for this country. I'm not worried about a woman president. Anyone is just fine. I wouldn't vote for Oprah Winfrey anyway because she doesn't stand for what I believe.