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Choose your champions


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We do this from time to time, we currently have champions, but if you were in charge, who would you put the strap on? You can keep the title on currently wrestlers if you wish.

WWE Champion: Brock :Lesnar
US: Champion: Kevin Owens
IC Title: Cesaro
Tag Teams Titles: Lucha Dragons
Divas Title: Charlotte


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
WWE Champion: Cesaro (a leap, I know)
US Champion: Kevin Owens
IC Champion: Cody Rhodes
Tag Titles: New Day
Divas Title: Sasha Banks

I'd love to see Cesaro getting pushed that big, and I know that if it happens it will still be a long time away. I just think that he's proven in recent times that he can hang with guys like Cena, Orton, Rollins, etc. pretty seamlessly. Put him with a manager if needed, but push him to the moon.

Kevin Owens winning the US Title has felt natural since his debut.

I'd love to see a return of Cody Rhodes soon, and I think another solid IC Title run could be a nice bridge to the main event for him. Heel or face, he's awesome.

New Day rocks, duh.

Sasha is my favorite of the new Divas, so this is totally a biased selection. I do think Charlotte would make sense for fans and I think she'll be the first of the new talent to win it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think Cesaro would be pretty amazing. I think has a heel would be much better. I know they already put Heyman with him, but that seemed rush, so I would do it again. I just think he has the look of a heel WWE Champion more than a face.

I don't agree with Rhodes being the IC Champion, though. He's been really good since his father's death, but I think there are a lot more deserving people out there right now.