Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans


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I just discovered the marvel that is chocolate covered coffee beans. Chocolate and coffee is almost better than sex!!

So has anyone else had the chance to try these marvelous creations? Did you like them? And if you havn't tried them I suggest you do. They are scrumptious.


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I don't really like chocolate covered coffee beans. The flavor of the coffee bean is too strong for me. I love chocolate, just not with the coffee beans!


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I have never had them, but to be honest I don't think they would be my cup of tea. By the sounds of them because I don't like coffee.

I would give them a go, just for the sake of givng them a go, I can't knock them until I've tried them.
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Wouldn't it taste something like mocha?

I despise coffee but I can tolerate mocha sometimes (maybe if the concentration of chocolate is way more than the coffee).


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I love Zoomers! Every time I go to my local coffee shop I get a pack. They are sooooooo good.
They are better than the energy drinks IMO.


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I don't like coffee, but coffee and chocolate makes for a great combination. I'd like to try these chocolate covered coffee beans. They sound delicious.