Chocoholics Unite!


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My name is Boredie and I'm a chocoholic.
My favourite type is dark chocolate. But not just any, it has to be good quality, like belgium or swiss.. you catch my drift.
The worst type of chocolate bar in my opinion is the Hershey Bar.. absolutely yuck.
When that sweet substance melts in your mouth you drift to another world, I take my time with every bite, enjoying the wonder of chocolate.
The most amount of chocolate I ever had at one point was a whole 100gram bar of it. It put me off it for a while but I got over that soon enough.

Chocoholics, unite!
I'm actually not too fond of chocolate. I'll eat something like Reese's or Snickers, but I don't really like chocolate ice cream and the such. It smells nice, though. Same with coffee- it smells wonderful, but I don't like the taste.


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Mmmm... Reese's is good. Anything PB & Chocolate is usually a success.
Imagine if I didn't have US friends I'd have never heard of it.
My name is Boredie and I'm a chocoholic.

Welcome to Chocoholics Anonymous, Bordie. Group, give her a round of applause.

*golf claps*

I love chocolate, too. Sometimes I'll crave it for no reason and go to the store to pick some up. I prefer chocolate, white chocolate and sometimes dark chocolate. Nestle made this one white chocolate candy bar that tasted great. I can't remember the name, but it had pieces of chocolate chips in it. *picks one up*


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*Cringes at the thought of white chocolate* Sorry, vilky, white chocolate is just not chocolate, it doesn't have chocolate taste to it, it tastes more like sweet milk more than anything..

And it's not Chocoholics Anonymous.
It's Chocoholics Unanimous! :D


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I am also a chocoholic. I love mint and chocolate in any form and also fudge. For the best of both worlds, I will get mint chocolate fudge.

I crave it and when I do, absolutely nothing else is good enough and I have to find chocolate.


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I'd like to formally admit that I'm a chocoholic. Dark chocolate lover right here, although I've never met a type that I don't like.