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    Discuss the anime "Chobits" in this thread.


    Motosuwa Hideki is a Hokkaido farm boy who fails his college entrance exams. He moves to the big city to attend cram school in the hopes of getting into the college of his choice. While there, he notices that everyone has a personal computer assistant, or Persocom … and Persocoms look, act, and are treated almost as people in their own right. Hideki seems to be the only man in Tokyo without one, and bemoans his fate, as Persocoms are very expensive, and Hideki is very broke. As chance would have it, Hideki finds a "broken" Persocom just lying in the trash. When he starts her up (and oh boy is it a her), all she is able to do is mimic Hideki's movements and say, "Chii." So that's what he calls her. Is Chii really broken? Or is she quite possibly the greatest Persocom ever made - a truly artificial intelligence known as a Chobit?

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    Probably one of the first Harem Romance comedy animes I have seen. I believe I watched Love Hina First thought but Chobits has been easily one of my favorite animes of that genre (probably my favorite) and one of my top animes overall. It actually had a good ending!
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    Chobits is really good, but it's almost like an A.I. Love you clone. I like A.I. Love You a little more.
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    Well I haven't seen any of the eps. I guess I should check it out. My brother's friend says it's good as well. So I'll pick up a copy.
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    With this series, I preferred the manga a bit more. Having read and seen the entire series, I liked the manga better. It's sweet and it makes you think.
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    For some reason I find it easier to understand the Japanese in that series (at least in the earlier episodes) cause they kept sentence simple and kept repeating. Of course it got more complex with time

    You can find me shallow for that.
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    I really like chobits, I need to finish getting the rest of the series on dvd. I wish they would put Chiibits out on dvd even though they only made one episode I thought it was good.
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    Chiibits is on the 7th Chobits disc with the rest of the extra episodes.
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    I've read the manga, and does it share similarities to it in tone? The manga was largely a oscillation between AI/human interaction in the future and zany humor. Has the anime switched to largely one or the other?

  10. Malificus

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    The anime is pretty much true to the manga, the story changes slightly, but the feel is the same.

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