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Chitty Chat time...


Wanna play?
Julie said:
Are the Danger signs & the dead flower supposed to be a warning for where you 'play' all day while at work?:-o
No, it was a payback for what I did to them!:-o But they didn't even come close.


what? no pink?
that's funny Angel! it's nice to have people that you can have fun with at work.

I never did make it back into chat last night.


Registered Member
It's Friday....if you see me here tonight, then I'm gonna be really pissy at some friends for not coming by and getting me OUTTA HERE!!!! ((pulling my hair out))


Registered Member
QUIZNO'S...mmm, mmm good!

Everyone that was in chat last nite & I mentioned this one. I got it! And a funny story to go with it too:

He came home from the flea market & we had to run up to the thrift store, so perfect opportunity for me to plug my pitch that I wanted to go there for the Prime Rib Sub. He's seen me drooling over the commercials plenty of times already, so wasn't any arm twisting at all. Plus he knew he'd get to eat right away & not have to wait for me to get done cooking anything.

Mr. Plain & Simple wants his usual: The Italian. He went to the end of the plaza with Krissy & got the truck washed while I went in & ordered. I get thru with the order for the Italian, & next comes mine. Guy starts looking around, gets the other guy & their both looking & the guy turns to me & says the dreaded words:
'Sorry, we're out of the Prime Rib'

Me: 'NOOOOO!!! AAAAHHHH!!! THAT was what I came for!' And I go into my speech about all the commercials making HAVE to come there & get THAT sandwich!

Now thinking I'm going to have to face the dreaded task of picking something else...suddenly the other guy turns around & holds up a package of Prime Rib still in the package! Even better, the meat will be FRESHLY sliced for my sandwich. Only problem was, they have 1 slicer & had previously had cheese on there so I had to wait for them to clean it, then slice it, then FINALLY make my sandwich. (Let's just say he could have washed the truck 3-4 times for as long as it took me in there)

When he got done, the guy gave me a piece of the meat to sample...OMG! I knew this was gonna be good. They cook the meat a lil bit in the au jus, then pile a BUNCH of this meat on the sandwich with onions, mozzarella cheese, & this peppercorn sauce. Then put it thru their lil sandwich cooker like all the others.

Let's just say after having it, I dug thru all the Sunday paper coupons for more Quizno coupons & told him to feel free to stop there again tomorrow. This sandwich was to die for! Melts in your mouth & OMG...MMMM, MMMM...YUMMY!! And it was definitely worth the forever wait at Quizno's!

And if your a pepper fan like me, the Lime & Black Pepper potato chips make a great side item with it! Don't forget the Macadamia Nut & White Chocolate Chip cookie for dessert!:D


what? no pink?
um.....geez julie after that I'm like totally starving!! I just might have to run into town and get one of those now instead of cooking dinner LOL



Registered Member
That was the general idea!

Okay, I'm in the chat room & no one else is there:shake:


what? no pink?
sorry julie I have to run into town LOL not for dinner but I have a few errands to run. I will be back in maybe an hour if anyone is around I will come in.



what? no pink?
AngelsPeak said:
Awwwwww..shucks..missed ya all!:shake:
yea I got back to late too :mad: oh well, maybe next week! hehe I don't imagine we will catch up with each other during the weedkend much. :lol:


Registered Member
It's the middle of the night here & Krissy just woke up for a lil bit...but no one else is up! Maybe we could try setting a time again for tomorrow nite (well, actually tonite, here now...LOL)

Wanna try for 9:00 again or is there a different time that works for you guys?
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