Chinese government too strict?


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i am sure many of you have heard that the Chinese government will somehow take the life of a baby if a woman has more than two male children. but yet the female babies are always saved.

what do you think about this question. if you live in Communist china what can you do or say about this issue?. . what if this was also happening in America as well? share you view about the government restricting how many babies you can have by putting them to death. i don't know if they still do that. . but even if they don't anymore still give an opinion if this was really happening around the world to young infants. how would you react if this law was international? lets see what everyone says.


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Not to be funny but I wouldn't ever be in China to begin with.. If this was happening in America and I was at this limit of having children, I would at least hope that instead of killing any baby the government could maybe ship these babies to other countries that don't have this law.
The government shouldn't have any say how many children a couple can have. I would hope that the couple would have enough common sense to know when to stop. Think about future consequences of having a lot of babies.

With the state of economics in America these days.. I think the limit should be at least 3. A lot of women think that having babies could always be supported by public aid. But how much is too much? Think about it.