Chinese Democracy... and Dr. Pepper!

I'm mainly curious how Dr. pepper would do it.
Also, I seem to remember hearing about this a while back
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radio here in NY says that Chinese Democracy will be released as a Best Buy exclusive on November 23rd. Dr. Pepper for all.


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Fucking A!

I'm almost excited for Chinese Democracy. I expect the better part of ten years worth of good material from GnR, though.
Yeah. I heard about this a long time ago. My favorite part of it is that they will give a Dr. Pepper to everyone in America, except for Slash and Buckethead after their fallouts with Axl. That makes me chuckle.


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I really hope they release this album, I'm sure there's a lot of great songs on there. But even with this offer I really doubt that he'll finish it.
This album is getting so much hype that I'm curious to see what the reaction will be if it doesn't live up to it. I love GnR, and I hope this WILL be a good album. As for the Dr. Pepper thing... Meh. ;P
I found this on Wikipedia:

On October 9, 2008, Billboard claimed Chinese Democracy will be released on November 23, exclusively through Best Buy in the USA.[2]. On October 16, 2008, Best Buy's website was updated with Chinese Democracy's supposed track listing and album cover.[59] There has been no official confirmation of its release date, album cover or track listing, however.
Just in time for Christmas! Nice..., if it's true.
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interesting find but how credible is Wikipedia. I know i put that NY radio said the same as Wiki but truthfully when its listed on Best Buys site, i'll really believe it.