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China's version of OBL's death


not a plastic bag
Osama Bin Laden killed in Abbotabad near Islamabad of Pakistan

This was a fascinating account from China news of the events concerning the killing of OBL. According to the story a Pakistan helicopter went down and when a search and rescue went out they engaged in a fire fight with the locals. The Pakistani's arrested several women and children and they told the Pakistani's that Osama was involved in the fire fight and was killed. Immediately after this, US forces came in and took the body away.

WOW! What a testament to journalism free from state control and influence.


For a Free Scotland
Xinhua, much like Pravda, alternates between being a pretty decent media source and absolute shit depending on the subject matter.

On OBL I'm liking the BBC and al-Jazeera English's takes, though that tends to hold true for most things.