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  1. Most people should be able to see by now that the United States is falling as a super power status, and China is rapidly gaining that title. Sheer man power alone they are a force to be rekoned with, and to add to that their economy is booming, and will surpass ours within a decade or less most likely. I was wondering what are people's thoughts on China becoming the next super power, and what do you think will happen in the world when they do achieve super power status, basically taking the place of the USSR. Remember this is the MATURE discussion area.

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    Well first off its not Mature Discussion anymore Piccolo, jeez get it right. Heh.

    Hm. China as a Super Power. Thats kind've a scary thought. I really wouldn't be suprised if we see the United States try and make a mad dash at the end to revamp itself as the "Super Power." If this happens most likely whats going to happen, is we're going to deplete our resources even further, and knock ourselves down even lower on the totem pole.

    It probably won't happen, but I think it'd be ironic if we see the "Second Cold War." Its going to be a big pill for a lot of Americans to swallow when they see China back on top. I think, in a strange sense, it will be beneficial world wide; or rather it could be. Since World War 2; the U.S. has maintained a "holy than thou" attitude towards a lot of countries and a lot of problems, it'd be good to have a country over our heads, maybe it'll control this little brat.

    There are a lot of possibilities of what might happen, and unfortunatly a lot of them hang on the United States. I'm just interested to see if we're going to act out in fear, and try and attack or sabotage China. That would be suicide. If that happens I'm predicting A LOT of American deaths.
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    I don't understand how China could ever become a Super Global Power, after so many decades of Communism.

    I've seen them more so falling apart on the news than gaining power and economy.

    They have an extremely high population. And that's the only thing scary about them. But they are nothing in terms of economy and anything else.
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    If I remember correctly, they are one of the three richest nations in the world, but then again, the US has more money than the rest of the top ten nations combined.
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    No they are not one one the three most richest nations in the world. Their GDP-PPP is below that of Egypt.

    Their GDP/PPP is extrodinary high.

    But that's the comparison between how wealthy a nation is as a whole and in terms of individuals in a nation.

    China is a very poor nation with some of the most extremely wealthy people to ever live, even though it's government is communist.
  6. For one, they government is not Communist, they are Socialists, get it right. China is starting to blend Socialism and Capitalism anyway, so they will become a Super Power here rather soon.
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    China is second (Unless you count the European Union) (Japan is third)
    Egypt is 30th

    My source

    And it looks like I messed up on how wealthy the US is. They just have more than the whole European Union.
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    No they are communist. Not Marxist Communism. Stalin Communism.

    And unless you go by how much money their government budget has then yes they are quite well off. But no... their country really isn't that wealthy.

    I refer to their nation, by how much the average person makes and that is much less than anyone from almost any other nation makes.
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    I always though they were more of a Maoist Communism.
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    Maoist Communism is pretty much the same thing as Stalin Communism. In fact USSR and China had a very healthy and close relationship, until Nixon came in.

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