China still getting Foreign Aid?

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    What do you think about this, I thought it was fairly interesting really. One of those; "was this a lapse of judgement? a switch we forgot to turn off?"

    I'm going to hack this article up a bit, here is the link to the original; Associated Press: China Rises and Rises, Yet still gets foreign Aid

    So the Worlds Second Largest Economy still has its hand out asking for Foreign aide? What the hell is up with that? It must not be as bad as we think right? I wonder how much that compares to other countries that recieve foreign aide? :hmm:

    Now mind you, aide to China per this article appears to be diminishing after this year. But yet China still claims it needs the money.....

    but what are they developing? what are they growing? Oh wait... thats right the worlds largest Military....

    I realize theres alot to stomach here. But the big point is, China has become the Worlds second largest economy.... why are they still getting foreign Aid? That seems like a bully situation, The Second biggest kid on the block is getting paid to keep growing by the other Six big ones?

    Do you believe China should be receiving Aid or should these foreign monies be going to other countries that are obviously more in need than the 2nd largest economy in the world?

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