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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Boredie, May 17, 2010.

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    This thread is basically a "What Kind of Parent are You?" question.

    I take my girls out almost on a daily basis to the playground right round the corner.
    My 20 month old follows my older one around. But there are only two options in this playground: A slide or a merry-go-round.
    She cannot climb up the ladder of the slide without slipping in between the rungs, and when she gets on the m-g-r there is such a big gap between the seat and the backrest (a bar 3 inches wide) that she can easily fall off, and then there's the speed issue.

    Now my question to you is this, as a parent are you/will you be(if you are not one yet) one to help your young toddler with enjoying such activities, especially when you know there's no stopping them, or will you just let them do as they want and if they hurt themselves, well too bad (obviously you'll take care of them) that's the only way they'll learn their lesson.

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    When I go to the park the youngest couldn't enjoy everything, but what I do, like for the slide is to help her get on it and help her slide. That way she can still enjoy it without letting her discover it by herself, knowing she risks to be injured because she's too young to do it alone.

    There are games in the park though like the rope thing and they can climb...the only point of it is climbing, nothing else. I don't put my kids there if they're too small. Sure I can carry them up but there's nothing left to enjoy (unlike the slide, lol). I guess there are things I'm rather "no, not for you you're too small" and "yes, but only if I help you".
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    I actually forgot to say what I do with her. :lol:
    It comes to it that she asks me to come to the slide to help her climb, so I do, but I see so many other parents (acquaintances) who don't bother to help their kids of various ages, and I kind of feel left out in that sense, that none of them bother with what the kids do (until they hurt themselves), and I seem to be the only one who I might seem in their eyes as a worrier.
    As to the merry go round, up till lately I'd stand there making sure the other kids go slowly, making sure my youngest doesn't do something stupid like stand up while it's being turned or other dangerous things. Last week or so I don't get up, but I can't hold a conversation with my friends either because I'm continuously watching her, making sure she's ok.
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    I have a little girl (2 years ago) and I 'm often the only to wath her all the time when we go to the park too!!
    I let her taking risks witch are adapted to her age. when she 's at home put itself up on her little chair I tell her"you're going to fall" but I don't let it near the table because she can hurt her head, but I think she has to learn she can be hurt if she does not pay attention.

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