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Movies Children of Men


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I know there are a few threads about this movie already but they were over 2 years old and had very few replies.

So, who's seen the movie "Children of Men"? I watched it a few hours ago. It was pretty good. Really intense.

I think the overall plot and future from the movie is a bit far fetched. I watched the bonus material and the people they interviewed basically think that a globalized Utopia is the way to go... no comment there. :lol:

As for the movie though, judging it strictly as a movie it was good, as I said. It had the most impressive single take shots of any movie I've ever seen.

They had a lot of really long uncut scenes but this was by far the best.

(This clip is definitely a spoiler if you haven't seen the movie yet)

YouTube - Children of Men

As I watched it I had to actually rewind a few minutes into this cut because I realized it had all been one take so far. I wanted to see it again to see if my mind was playing tricks on me. Sure enough it was all one take. It was about 7 or 8 minutes all filmed in one take. There was another scene that was even longer but this one was the most impressive one take scene I've ever seen in any movie ever.
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I liked it. It was a nice refreshing alternative to the generic stuff that is pumped out over and over again. I mean this in nearly all respects, the acting, twists, plot line, camera work, direction, cinematography etc... even the location and cast.

I think that is what played it to me the location and cast, even though it was set in the future it had a gritty feel reminisent of Briatin in the late 1970's early 80's, back then you had the trade unions rioting, frequent IRA terrorist attacks, war with Argentina, and the Iron lady herself with Thatcherism. Incidently you have the Orwellian Big Brother state of Nineteen Eighty-four that further portrays that totalitarian fascist situation. However many other movies have done this "Children of Men" did not get carried away, for times I was not really sure who the bad guys were. Everyone had a good intention and it was only the turmoil surrounding them that obscured the morals behind their actions. I liked that sense of not knowing who to trust.


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I really enjoyed this movie, (it was actually on TV the other night) even though i'm not really a huge fan of Clive Owen. I like how realistic it is...You never know, in a few years with all the pollutants we pump out every day it could be a very real possibility.