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Childhood Fears


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
What were your biggest fears growing up?

I know mine was thunderstorms. I used to be terrified of severe storm and tornado watches. It was also tied into an irrational fear of death that would give me panic attacks. I eventually grew out of both. I've even started to embrace the big thunderstorms.


rainbow 11!
The dark. I have a very active imagination. I have a fear of the unknown. Like, if I am in the ocean and can't see my feet or the bottom, it freaks me out and I beginning imaging all sorts of shit that I can't see.

Same with lakes and stuff. It's why I prefer pools. Also, if it's dark in the house, I make up stupid monsters and things that I know can't hurt me.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've never heard of a fear of lakes as a child but I can see the logic. They're big, cold, and scary. There's no hypothetical safety net to keep you there. The ocean must have been terrifying for you.


It's not me, it's you.
I remember having the standard afraid of the dark fear. Other than that, I don't think I had any others.


Problematic Shitlord
Wolves were a pretty big fear of mine, I used to have a lot of nightmares about them. Not to sure why, I think it may have had to do with waking up early morning when I was little and being subjected to Pet Semetary. I was too afraid to move.


I ♥ Haters
I was terrified of the dark as a kid. What I can't see is a lot more scarier than what I can see.

Another one would be clowns, which still creep me out. I mean, I'm not scared to the point that I would scream and run if I saw one, but I just don't want one near me.


Registered Member
I know this might sound silly, but my biggest fear were the sconces on the wall, especially the shapes of those candle glasses. Like they were sticking out to attack me or something. I even had nightmares about them, mainly of the candle glasses that came flying out of the sconces and attacking me. Eventually, I managed to control the nightmares by grabbing them and slamming them hard to the kitchen floor, and that was very much the end of them. However, there was a mirror with a sconce holding a candle glass in the bathroom near my bedroom that gave me worse nightmares than the ones in the dining room; what was scary about it, it even had a scary cartoony face and sharp teeth! Even though I did the same thing to it like the ones in the dining room, the nightmares were getting out of hand. So, during my fourth grade year, I had my dad remove it from my bathroom and place it in his and Mom's. My dreams changed for the best after that.


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Monsters in the attic scared the life out of me, I guess the fear of dark comes with that and to this day, I still sleep with my TV on timer to switch off while I am dead asleep.


During the day, basically nothing. At night? EVERYTHING! Being in the dark made me scared of absolutely everything. I used to hate the nights. I'd just lay in bed at night wishing it was day again.


I'm serious
My biggest childhood fear was the ocean. Not to an extend where I wouldn't swim when we were at the coat on holiday, but I would really just splash in the shallow waves. I was petrified about what lurked deep below. Now I do deep sea diving and love the ocean and everything inside of it.