TV Child stars: who went fugly?


Lion Rampant
for J-Bird

Do you remember Mason Reese?

Is that Bruce Vilanch? Man, what a beast!

Do you remember Chastity Bono?

Ono! S/he's morphing into Ray Romono!

Do you remember Buckwheat Thomas?

Egad! The next pic's not as bad, I promise. (Spanky didn't fare too well, either - but Joe Cobb actually looks better as an old fart, donchathink?)

Do you remember Rodney Allen Rippy?

Well, what the hell; he's handsome! Trippy!

Can you think of any others?
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HI! amemba me? I'm bu-wheet.

unce.... tice..... feee tines a mady

I nub noo! I nub nooo!

Of course I remember Buckwheat.

I can't think of any others off the top of my head. I would say Bonaduce (Bona-douchey) but he actually got better looking as time went on. He was fugly to begin with.


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Yeah but he's the only one who I could think of off the top of my head.

But Jonathan Taylor Thomas was so cute as a kid, I was totally expecting him to turn out fugly when he hit 18, but nope, still cute.


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Mike Lookinland, aka Bobby Brady. If my computer/internetconnection/GF weren't so slow right now I'd post pics.


Lion Rampant
Do you remember Punky Brewster?

Up pops the rooster! How do you do, sir? (Lame humor, admittedly, but it rhymed...ish.)



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Punky is incredibly cute now. at one point her tits were bigger than mine, poor kid, then she had surgery.