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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by LiFelesS, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Ok since i have rather new here, i dont know if a thread like this has already been made, but here it goes.

    I play xbox live, and soooo many times i hear a little kid, sounds to be around the age of 5 or so, (seriously) playing games like Gears of war/ Fear 2/ Bad company, etc. and some of these games are rather graphic, it is also said in the news many times that a kid did something like killed his mother due to a game. so that is where this question comes from. do you think they should be more strict when video games come into play? like in who can get it and such? i know that there is already a age limit to games like rated m and all, but honestly, that can be handled around with no problem at all.

    i know a guy who has lost his mind, atleast that is what some people think, cause he believes to see monsters during school that are in games, he was sent somewhere a few years ago though. but anyhow

    what do you guys think??? ? ? ?

  2. BigBob

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    I think there is a thread about this way back.

    The kid that killed his step-mom, it was because she took the game from him and said he wasn't allowed to play it. I think he was 17.

    I really don't think video games have a huge effect on people like seeing monsters and stuff. I think it's just an excuse to get out of trouble if they do something.. look at all the GTA stuff. People stole cars and shot at cops before that.. but now they have something to fall back on.
  3. Nevyrmoore

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    There's really nothing you can do when it comes down to it. They're going to get hold of the games if they really try, and we [the UK] already have laws that prevent the sale of an officially age rated game to minors. Ultimately, it falls on the responsibility of the parents. Unfortunately, a large number don't seem to care as long as little Timmy is entertained and they don't actually have to do much to bring him up.
  4. Twitch

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    I think it's bullpuckey to think that kids are more aggressive when they play video games that are violent.

    I've played video games all my life. I played Halo when it first came out, and I was only.. idk.. 9? It was the only mature game I could play for quite a few years, but now I can play any kind and I don't feel they've affected me at all.
  5. CaptainObvious

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    I have mixed feelings on this but I lean towards Twitch's response. People have been violent since the beginning of time. We live in a much larger world now population wise and with the internet, we hear about things that happen all over the world seconds after it happens.
  6. viLky

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    The only concern I have when a person (all ages) plays a video game is when they get addicted to it. I can understand it could cause withdrawal if you take it away from them, and the person getting aggressive towards the person who took it away.

    Other than that, I think video games are a great stress reliever for kids, teenagers and adults; your kids are inside and not out doing something illegal, giving their brain a workout with puzzle games, helping them read with RPG games or even taking their aggression out by blowing up zombies! I see more positive things coming from video games than negatives.
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  7. Cyberleader

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    To be perfectly honest, its not really on is it? I am a gamer and I'm always looking for the next big one, but I also understand, as many hopefully do, that game content is rated for a reason.
    I would not even consider letting a 5 year old play Resident Evil or the like, no way. It has nothing to do with 'they are smart enough to tell the difference, etc, etc' and all the other negligent parent cliches, its a matter of two very distinct things.
    1. At that age, kids should be growing and using imagination, doing practical things, being active - having a childhood. Not sitting for hours playing games. I won't let my kids near a console until they are at least 12, maybe 10 - and then they'll be educated how to appreciate and enjoy it.
    They need to develop their social and creative skills first.
    Then they can hitch a ride on some escapist gaming and even then it will be within the bounds of what I deem acceptable.
    Also, gaming builds hand and eye co-ordination too. Bonus.

    2. A child, no matter how smart 'for their age' cannot differentiate the carnage of 'Gears Of War'. To them, its images and sounds and its fun.
    They don't have the concept of whats happening clear yet.

    My nephews, started playing Burnout at age 4. When they got their first Matchbox cars, they played with them not as you see in life, but as in the game - ramming, smashing, throwing. I always buy them the cheaper die casts these days.
    When I was young, I'm 28 now, we drove them as in real life. We experienced it out with our parents, we knew the traffic rules before we were old enough to drive. We used to lay out pencils to mark roads and intersections. Not ram cars at high speed and throw them like rocks.
    Its all down to maturity and being too impressionable at that age.

    Also, foot note, if you're 15, it doesn't mean you are automatically mature enough for '15+ games and films' either.
    In the end, its the parent buying their 4 year old a 15+ rated game that is to blame for any 'issues' or 'impressions' the child gets.

    Just my 2 cents, no offense is ever intended. :)
  8. Merc

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    In terms of violence and games, the point to be made is that video games most definitely raise aggression levels in people . . . who are already disposed to violent behavior. In other words, violent people will become more violent after playing or watching a violent act which is all major research has been able to give us on the subject (and when you think about it, it seems a genius conclusion like that is common sense). What this means is a kid who hurts somebody and a game is involved, chances are it's the parents' fault or someone else who should be teaching and raising this child to not act like a rabid ape.

    Video games are simply the scapegoat of this generation. Comic books, rap music, slasher movies, all have gone through this painful and annoying process filled with whining lawyers and dribbling "scientists" and "researchers" who always find miraculous evidence connecting whatever the scapegoat is to devil worship and child murder.

    If anything, violent games began to rise in popularity in the early 90's and that's when violent crimes began to plummet even further than they were before and to this day, remain at record lows yet everyday some dipshit politician looking for an angle with the US people (like Hilary Clinton) come out decrying video games and saying how they teach our kids to be lunatics. No evidence, no proof, just hot air and paid scientific backing.
  9. redsoxocd

    redsoxocd living on the border

    That is also the main concern that I have with video games. My little brother started playing then when he was like 4 or 5 and for years we couldnt get him to do anything but play them. Umm...what's the name of that game where like you have to complete the missions and you could kill random people on the street and pick up the money. Well, I cant remember the name of it but my brother was pretty obsessed with that game.

    While, I dont think that it could nesscarily have any effects like whether or not the person will be violent, I still think that people should follow the age requirement for each game. Its like movie ratings...are you going to let your 5 year old kid see a rater R movie? If not then why would you let him/her play a game that basically has the same rating.

    Young kids should not see things like killing, or mugging, or running away from the police, at a young age.

    Okay, halo is okay...its not a realistic. Also things like mortal combat are okay...because once again, its not realistic.

    I dont know, I really did not like it when my brother was playing games like that. I didnt like the fact that he was addicted to his damn playstation and not addicted to reading like I was at that age. Now he is 9, he has like 5 game systems and he doesnt play any of them anymore. Now THAT is concerning because, at 9, I would expect him to atleast pick up a controller.

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