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Do you recall doing something that as far as you thought was just an innocent game, when in actual fact you were causing trouble?

For some reason I remembered that when I was about 7-8 y/o we went to friends for a meal and they had turtles in a water dish.
What did I do? kept pushing their heads underwater. I had no idea that I was hurting them or preventing them from breathing. Yes you got it right... I killed them!

Do you have stories to share?
My parents used to drag me with them to their friends. Being bored out my mind I'd explore their garden, discover their pet dog, play games with it. At the end of the day the said friends garden was wrecked. I still blame bad parenting.


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I played with my mom's make up. We play with toy make-ups anyway so I didn't find anything wrong with it. It turns out I've been wasting my mom's money because she had very expensive cosmetics. I realised that only when she got extremely mad after I splashed a bottle of Givenchy perfume on me. I couldn't even deny that I did it because I smelled of Givenchy for days.
In a post yesterday I said I gave a sweet to a girl at school because I knew she liked them and she wouldn't stop crying when she discovered I'd found it on the floor, I guess that applies here too lol. I thought I was being nice.

I also use to pour water on my bedroom carpet when I was younger. I had no idea it would rot the floorboards. It just looked really cool when it sat on the surface for a second then sank in so I did it loads when I was bored at night. :laugh: I can't remember how my parents found out but they were really mad. :nod:


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My mom had the biggest flower garden in our backyard when I was a kid. One day I went through and cut every single flower off and put it in a basket to give to her. I thought I was doing something nice. She was pissed!


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I can't really think of much, but I'm sure I will later.
All I can think of right now is when I was younger I asked my mom to let my friend stay over the house for the night. The problem was he was a guy. My mom got upset, and I didn't realize why it was so bad. I was a brat the rest of the day.


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I used to draw on expensive porcelain dolls with markers and make up. I think that was the only really bad stuff I would do. And I got in a lot of trouble for doing it, too. My dad was so mad.


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I was hungry once so went to my moms garden and snacked on peas, straight from the pod. That got me an ass whipping as it takes a lot of peas to make a snack.
when i was around 7 or 8 my parents brought my 2 brothers and myself to our grandparents house. It was wintertime and the water in their pool was frozen and uncovered. My brothers and I started to throw rocks onto the ice to see it crack. My father soon saw us and lectured us about respect and stuff.