Chihuahua Becomes Mom to 9 Kittens

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by Bubbles, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Bubbles

    Bubbles I ♥ Haters

    Awww! This has to be the sweetest, most heartfelt news story ever. The Vancouver Sun published this back in May. Take a look...

    Grieving chihuahua becomes mom to 9 kittens

    EDIT: Make sure to take a look at the video too, the cuteness will just burn your eyes.
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  2. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member


    Those older kittens look like they're gonna be bigger than the Chihuahua soon.

    (Also, burn my eyes? There's got to be a better adjective...)
  3. RJ-Cool

    RJ-Cool "Expect the unexpected"

    Awww gee.....that is so sweet! Awww...............
    Interesting story.........good job Buttercup! Thanks for the news.;)
  4. anmracing

    anmracing Registered Member

    Yummmm, appatizers for 10....... LOL!!! Just kidding.... Maybe.....
  5. kayla30

    kayla30 Registered Member

    ive got a 2 year old chiwa just like that one . but this story is soo cute

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