Chiefs vs. 49ers In This Year's Super Bowl

It's now official, in this year's Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers.

It will likely be an awesome game.

Which team are you rooting for, if any?

I'm rooting for the Chiefs since it's been so long that they've been in and won a Super Bowl (50 years), and since the Chiefs are in the AFC (like the Patriots are, my favorite NFL team).


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Chiefs for sure. Mahomes and Kelce supported the St Louis Blues when we won the Stanley Cup so we will all return the favor to them.

Blues, a Missouri team, won a championship last year after waiting 50 years...Chiefs are basically in the same boat.


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The Patriots and the Steelers are tied with having the most Super Bowl wins in NFL history with six.

If the 49ers win the Super Bowl tomorrow, they'll also have six Super Bowl wins in it's franchise history. And I don't want that.