Chicago Schools Spent $67,000 on Espresso Machines

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  1. Xeilo

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    Source: CPS: $67,000 wasted on espresso machines -

    What the hell?

  2. micfranklin

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    So they spent $67,000 on espresso machines, something you can find in your local Starbucks but nothing about textbooks, desks, school supplies, electricity or anything else? Even the inner city schools here don't do that and some of them still have lead in the plumbing.
  3. ysabel

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    I'm not sure which is worse: spending that amount of money on something they don't use (or can buy at cheaper prices elsewhere) or teachers changing grades because a student is an athlete. As it's reported it seems the latter was just an afterthought. :hah:

    Is anyone getting sued or fired for this?
  4. viLky

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    Funniest part of the story I put in bold:

    That'll solve it. Our kids NEED espresso machines at school, so let's just go online!


  5. Nightsurfer

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    What the hell are schools going to do with espresso machines? Great thinking who ever ordered those. And they wonder why the school budgets are so screwed up..

    As to teachers changing the grades for jocks, that's wrong and any teacher caught should have to lose his or her teaching license.
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