Chicago Gun Ban Challenged


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I was reading this article and its nothing new, dont get me wrong we've done the Gun Ban threads over and over and over. But what catches my eye on this particular one is that the focus isnt necessarily on what is being challenged rather than who is challenging it.

CHICAGO – A couple worries that burglars who tried to break in when the wife was home alone will return. A retiree fears the drug dealers and junkies just outside his window will attempt — again — to steal what he spent a lifetime earning. And a businessman wants to protect himself as he could when he was a police officer.

Together, they are the face of the most serious challenge yet to Chicago's 28-year-old handgun ban.

On Tuesday, the four will take their seats inside the U.S. Supreme Court as their attorneys argue a lawsuit that bears their names: David and Colleen Lawson, Otis McDonald and Adam Orlov.

The four plaintiffs are not stereotypical gun rights advocates. They don't represent the agenda of any national group or organize rallies. Instead they represent average Chicagoans — the kind of people that opponents of the city's ban say should be allowed to protect themselves from gun violence.

Chicagoans hope stories will help overturn gun ban - Yahoo! News
are we so broken as a system that judgements are now passed by who asks rather than how important it is that the judgement be passed? At what point are we sacrificing ourselves for the sake of a political win? Or even worse... sacrficing ourselves just to halt the other side?

"Better to have Otis than the NRA," said Samaha.
Why does this matter? If the issue is important.... should it really matter who is proposing or funding the fight?


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Like I've said before, the real gun problem is the illegal gun market. People wouldn't want so many guns if they didn't feel safe already. We really need to quit this "War on Drugs" bullshit and focus on the import of illegal firearms.