chicago fire devastates a family...


This terrible story made me feel really sad inside..

CHICAGO - The neighbor who crawled into a burning Chicago apartment early yesterday and saved a young child says he wishes he could have saved more.

Al Tillman says he's "shaken up because the other children didn't make it."

Six children died in the fire, possibly caused by a candle used to light an apartment that had been without electricity for months.

Five were from the same family. The other was a three-year-old who was being looked-after by the family.

The mother of five of the dead children has been released from a hospital, along with a three-month-old girl. Both were treated for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters were handing out free smoke detectors yesterday afternoon in a two-block area around the apartment building. There were no detectors in the apartment where the fire took place.

that is just a heart breaking and unfortunate story, I feel really sad for that family, man so much bad news these days :(