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Chicago Bears


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
They need to find a way to get rid of Cutler this off-season. With that contract, I don't think they'd find any takers. Never count out the Raiders, they were stupid enough to trade for Schaub, but I don't think the Raiders are that stupid.

If I was the Bears I would draft a QB in the first round and let Cutler rot on the bench until they can cut him, similar to what the Jets did to Sanchez.
If the 2015 QB class is talented enough, why not give it a try for an eventual replacement for Cutler?

Because, let's face it: they're not gonna win anything with Jay Cutler. Ever. Chicago has always prided themselves of being a tough physical team on both sides of the football field and Cutler found a way to wuss out of a key playoff game when they needed him the most. I'm pretty sure that a lot of Bears fans are still having a hard time forgiving Cutler for that.