Chest exercise

I am trying to work on my chest because I would like to gain some muscle. I do bench press and flies every second day and I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and I dont seem to be gaining any muscle in my lower chest.

Can anyone tell me a good way to gain more muscle in that area?


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Keep working at it man, three weeks won't show much because you haven't been doing it for a very long time. Trust me it takes time, but evetually you'll see some results.

But there's more to it then just Flies and bench press, push ups with your arms wide apart, feet on a chair helps as well.


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One thing you have to remember with weight lifting is that you have to make sure you're getting better, what I mean by that is that you only get stronger in the last few reps that are just ridiculously hard, make sure that you're very tired by the time you're done with that last rep, and probably don't go above 3 or 4 sets of up to 6 reps, which means you need to add some weight.

One thing I do occasionally to build my chest is butterfly.
-Get 2 dumbells (one per hand ;))
-lay on your back on the bench and let your arms rest sideways.
-from that stretched out position keep your arms as straight and stable as you can and touch the weights together right above your chest.

if you need help understanding that then I can probably find a video, but I'm too lazy right now :lol: trust me though butterfly helps a lot.


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One of the common mistakes I see with weight lifting is

A. Not breathing properly.
B. Pushing too fast and using momentum.

If you're doing your reps too fast, you could be using your momentum instead of strengthening the muscle. You need to be doing slow, controlled movements. Breathe out when you're contracting your muscles, and breathe in when you are relaxing them. They should be slow, deep breaths.

And don't do these things with your hands out too far apart. Shoulder width is good enough.


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Takes time dude. 3 weeks is hardly any time at all. You probably won't notice many physical results for about 2 months. Depending on your build.

Do flat bench. Do free-weight flat bench. Do decline free-weight bench. Do close-grip flat bench.

I don't think you are doing enough chest routines. I only do 3 when I lift but my chest is big enough but if you are just starting I would do at least 3 maybe 4.

Stop screwing around with flies. They tend to help your arms more than your chest if you do them improperly. And almost all novices do them improperly.

Dave you don't need to exhaust your muscles to get bigger. If you overwork them you get lean.


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I am doing the same thing right now, getting my pectorials bigger.

Anyway, do your bench pressing slow, nothing fast, you won't gain anything by it.


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Just make sure you're eating regularly the amounts that your body needs while you work. Also, adequet sleep and rest your body needs. Also, switch it up between Incline, Decline and regular bench presses so you'll work out the whole pectoral area.