Cherry relisted, Please add to your list!!


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Just witnessed eBay killing it... Hit refresh, and it was gone.. I am so sick of this..


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Dang!!!!!!!!! I see much worse then this...makes me want to go round turning all the one I don't see fit meeting requirments.....but I wont cuz it may be one of you guys and someday might be one of :( sorry Mina



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I am sorry to hear this again.i had been out in the field.came in and checked my email and saw they did it again.I just didnt understand the email that said my bid had been canceled.Untill i read the post here i am sorry :( :(


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Well I'm done... Ebay won

I just can't do this right now.. with all the crap going on in my life it's just not worth the stress. Just kinda feel like dropping of the face of the earth for a little while.


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NOOOO... take a deep breath and something will come to mind... heck I put up 4 auctions... all of which I took down myself cause I gave up... something will come to mind...


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No mina dont say that. we all want you to stay here with us. I speak for all of us hear i hope. we are family and we love you so dont think like that

lok on the brite side you have us and look at my sig see what i have ;)