Cherry relisted, Please add to your list!!


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Geesh - what did they say this time? Cannot believe it, in utter shock here! Someone MUST have reported it mighty quickly to live chat in order for it to be pulled that quickly!

I think we have a mole :eek:hno:


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greenhappykat said:
I'm so mad! ALREADY..and I was happy for Mina too! Whoever is reporting this..well I've got a message for you..."YOU SELFISH LITTLE [email protected]#$%^&!!" Yeah, so the person who keeps reporting this is gay. This is by far my most favorite auction. When I saw it was pulled'm pissed.
I totaly agree someone is reporting this maybe its our time for never mind

yea find out why mina its fruit my god whats up with some peoples minds
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That's really not a good idea green.

Yes - I hear what you're saying double...

Let us know what they say Mina! I made this auction like 3 weeks ago, and when I first did I asked in ebay live help about it and they said they could see nothign wrong with it, I had even sent it to ebay trust and safety with the rpley that it didn't violate policies!!! I'm looking through my massive junk mail right now seeing if I kept the chat transcript or not.


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A. you need a different credit card number to make a different seller account.

B. I really don't want another person doing the auction! I sent it to Mina so she could put it up, it isn't meant for just anyone to copy and reuse....

C. People will simply think you're a copycat who stole the listing and report you asap and not join in on bidding or watching!


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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my junk only holds it for 7 days so even if I did have the transcript sent (which I usully do for protection) it is gone now :( That sucks butt! Ugh ick gr bah ugh.

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^^^ my frusteration