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Cheetahs attack woman at safari park


The photos taken by a tourist from Scotland show his wife on the ground, hair flying, blood on her neck, with two cheetahs nearby.
The Port Elizabeth Herald reported that Violet D'Mello of Aberdeen was attacked by cheetahs on April 28 while in a petting pen with the animals at the Kragga Kamma game reserve near Port Elizabeth in southeastern South Africa.

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It's a shame really, you can tell they weren't really attacking, but just playing. It just so happens that when cheetahs' play, even without the intention of harming someone they still have the ability to greatly injure humans. People need to stop thinking they can control such strong wild animals.

There should have at least been people who work at the park and with the cheetahs present at all times that people are there with them. Maybe this woman's injuries wouldn't be so bad if park staff had ran over at the first sign of something going on.


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so the husband just kept snapping photos? lmao! probably a good sign supporting your theory.

I think its silly and dumb when people are surprised that wild animals act wild!


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I haven't had time to read the whole article, but I hope that they don't think about putting the cats down. That would be a damn shame.


I hope they don't either, it's not really their fault. It could be like a toddler accidentally playing with a butterfly and squashing it, they don't attack on purpose, it just so happens that when they play they "play fight" and they are much stronger than us.


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There's no way they'll possibly put the Cheetahs down, they're a vulnerable species. All they'd do is move it to somewhere else, where it's not being petted by tourists. Which brings me to the point.... Who the hell wants to get into a cage with a bunch of Cheetahs? And letting young kids in as well!? I don't think this big cat "petting" is a good idea at all.

Like Crouton sais, even when cheetahs are playing they can do serious injury. Just look at Roy Horn from Siegfried and Roy. He barely survived from his injuries from his tiger, and all the tiger was doing was trying to protect him!
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Even a house cat playing can really scratch you. Take a cat this big you can get some serious injuries from play. Their claws are really sharp. I had to opportunity to pet a lion cub once but when these big cats are over 6 months old they shouldn't be in a petting zoo.

I'm also wondering why did the husband keep taking pictures instead of trying to help his wife.


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I'm pretty sure if they were acting vicious, the woman would be dead.


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If these animals had wanted the woman dead, she'd be dead. She'd be dead before her brain had the physical capacity to realize she was dead. People don't just "survive" large cat attacks, nevermind an incident involving one of the fastest on the planet.

That said, if anyone should be punished, it should be the people who think it's a great idea to put children and stupid people in a position to annoy large predators. :mad:


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I tweeted my disbelief about the husband taking memories while his wife was fighting for her life. Like you all said, she'd be shredded had they been vicious. Nothing wrong with a bit of a play with the cats, as long as it's not you!