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Cheers All


New Member
Hey all, well, guess I should give a lil background on myself here... ummm... I'm a uni student studying biochm, living in Canada, and I game a lot, XD. Wanted to join a general gaming forum so here I am.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Hi there BakaBoy. Hope you like it here. Bio Chem.. that's awesome. I have a few friends who are getting degrees in different areas of chemistry. One has like 9 years total and is still in school. I believe he is getting a PHD in medical chemistry in order to become an anesthesiologist.

On a side note, wow, I just ran my google toolbar spell check on this post and was very surprised to see that I spelled "anesthesiologist" right on my first try. LOL! I even double checked a search in Google and it didn't say "Did you mean.. etc" :)

Sorry to sidetrack. Just thought I'd share that. :D