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Cheering a terrible person


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What do you do if a celebrity/athletes whose work you enjoy, or an athletes you cheer(ed) turns out to be a terrible person?

Can you separate these things? Do you appreciate it while still remembering what they did? Or do you now start boycotting their work, or stop cheering for those athletes?


Registered Member
All of a sudden, you remind me exactly of the dilemma I first faced upon the Chris Benoit tragedy in 2007. He was one of my favorite wrestlers back then and upon learning what he did, it became extremely difficult for me to watch any match of his, even to this day. It's crazy how one single action can erase everything past & can define what you'll be remembered for.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Depends who it is and what they did

Edgehead mentioned benoit and he's a good example...whenever I see him on the network I cringe and cannot appreciate his wrestling work anymore.


It usually depends on what they have done. I could care less if they are just douchey humans like Kanye or Bieber, that's fine but it gets a little murkier the shadier shit they do.