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Cheer me up.. Im at work :(


Strange Visitor
Paul McCartney was asked about his impending divorce in an interview, "Do you plan to go down on one knee?" Sir Paul cleared his throat and replied, "I'd prefer that you call her 'Heather'".



New Member
I haven't got a joke for you at the moment, but i know how ya' feel.

Im back to work today after 5 day's off, 3 of which were at a festival having an AMAZING time...!

Getting up this morning was a MISSION!.. where do you work ?


Registered Member
Here's a joke but it's a bit gross

A man walks into an auto dealership and look through a car and takes a look at the upholstry and accidently farted, good for him that no one notice. He continues looking at the car and really was interested in purchasing it. He approach a salesperson and ask him how much is it? He said,"You really don't want to know how much it cost." The custoemr has a bewildered look and ask him "Why?" and he replies by", If you farted it when looking at the upholstry, you will shit in your pants when you hear the price!"