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Check Please!


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Wow... must be nice to be able to quite literally waste $35,000 in a single sitting... I wonder if part of the bet was that they had to drink it too. Otherwise it's simply a game of chicken with cash.

This just goes to show that people who come across money easily seem to lose it easily too. What a waste of not only money, but champagne too. :D

This must have been some awesome champagne at least. Everything I've ever had never really did much for me.

Kobe's $21,000 Bubbly Bill - TMZ.com

Just to put Bryant's baller status into perspective -- Kobe's $21,000 bill still doesn't cover what NBA and gambling legend Charles Barkley drops on one hand of blackjack!
One HAND! :shocked:


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You know Kobe Bryant didnt want to get shown up by the magician. Both of them can afford it and I would love to be the waiter getting that tip.