Check out these volcano pix!!!


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As beautiful as the pics are, it makes me sad to think that this is going to practically destroy the little agriculture that Iceland had in the region. The people we see in the pics may have just lost their livelihoods.

There is also talk and anticipation that big sister; Katla is going to blow soon.


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WOW! that is incredible and scary at the same time. I just hope the people of Iceland are able to stay safe and that the vegetation remains safe.


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The pictures are tremendous, but like the others who have posted in this topic, this hurts the country of Iceland but also all of Europe. If the big sister blows... flights are screwed even more.


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I'm practically speechless from the awesome power and beauty of nature shown in those pics. I just learned more about the immense scope of Ebolawtfjklmnopajoll in sixty seconds than I ever thought possible.

And to think, an eruption that dwarfs this one could boil up from the depths at any time...


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Despite all the inventions/ strides by the man kind, there is proof of the limitmess powers and secrets of the nature.


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All the technology and power earthlings have will never equate to what mother nature can bring forth. I wonder what goes on in the mind of an animal that can not comprehend what is happening. All they know is that they are scared poopless because of something so new and different to them. Their world is turning upside down and they have no idea why.

Here's hoping that everything turns out well for all who live there!