Have you cheated in school?

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Who here has cheated in school, either by copying homework, cheating on tests, etc? If you've never cheated, would you report other people if you catch them cheating?

I cheated a few times. In French class sophomore year a friend and I stole the answer key to the final exam and printed a few copies. I got a 98% on the final. I needed it to pass the class. My lab partner in physics let me copy his answers on tests. And I cheated on an open book essay test in English (I won't say how).


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come on, who hasn't cheated at school?

Ive copyed homework quite a few times and On a few tests. Never on any major ones though, or recently


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Any cheating I've ever done has been on homework. I've never cheated inside of class, always to afraid of being caught. However homework is another story, especially in college... If I wanted to do work at home I would have paid for an Internet course.


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No cheating in school at all, just on homework if at all. I never really had to cheat. Now I did, however, sign my parents name to some tests that I had flucked back in elementary school and of course got nailed.


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I never cheated in a test,but i did copy homework when ever the chance arose.
Got caught few times too.
There was a girl in my english class who used to read through my work and correct the spelling and grammer for me,for about six months i got really good grades in that class,then she left and i was screwed!
never cheated in official exams
probably copied other people's homework or whatever a few times
dont really remember [ouch, i only finished school this year] to be honest but im sure i must have :cute:


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Yes I have copied other people's homework. I have copied other peoples work in college too.

However, for important assignments and projects, and tests I never cheated.


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Let me try a different tack. I didn't cheat in school cuz I'd be the schmuck who'd get caught.
No, now I cheat on my wife. My "other lover"? My work. She sits alone in the living room every night, and I work, after getting home from work. Work work work. I love it. I HATE IT. I'm stuck, nobody else can do what I do as well as I want it done, so I work work work work work.


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Just today we were doing a web quest in science.

I typed the third out of ten questions that i had to answer into google, I clicked on the best result and what I least expected happened.

Well it turns out that the teacher had gotten this webquest online and out of nowhere I had found the link to the answer key for the webquest, it was pretty good, My partner and i finished in less than one class period what the teacher was expecting students to take way longer than 2 class periods.

It was awesome. :)

The teacher really didn't care at all, they told us to not tell anybody about it until after the project was due.