CHEATING: What should you have done? What would you do now?

CHEATING: What did you do? What will you do?

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Everything goes.
'A cheat's always a cheat'. It's in quotations because of the number of times I was told that. And the number of times it was proved right in couples around me.

I made a choice in my last relationship.

I want to know your opinions and/or choices; perhaps to learn.

ATTENTION: I've been told to tell people that this is a public poll.
Also, you can pick more than one answer.
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If it was any significant way into the relationship, I'd tell 'em to jog on every time. Luckily, as far as I know (I've always picked carefully - can't say the same for them though!), I haven't been cheated on yet. I think I'm a fairly open minded and forgiving person generally but when it comes to relationships my trust is tough gain, easy to lose and almost impossible to revive. No trust? Merci, et bon soir.

I believe people can change and we all make mistakes but my hearteth nay forgeth. It's a powerful being I have no control over. Not even logic could tame such a beast. If it didn't hurt then you need to go anyway.

Shame.. but get over it. We're finished. Sorry. Go home. Goodbye.
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Hell, It's about time!
I've cheated before. The circumstances were mainly because she cheated on me and I felt that I owed her one. I wouldn't just up and cheat for no reason tho.


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My gut response, and therefore my vote is that if my girlfriend cheated on me, it would be a deal breaker. However I have never been cheated on (as far as I know) and perhaps if I truley loved her... maybe in time I could work on it? However it would have to be some serious love and even then I'm unsure if I could. I have enough trust issues as it is and even though I've never experienced it myself first hand I think it would probably be too much for the relationship and me.
I disagree. I've seen several relationships where someone cheats, they go to councilling and everything actually works out. I'm not too pessimistic though. I'd give a second chance, depending on the girl and the situation.


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i find it interesting no women would work on the relationship!

having said that, i am a woman and i wouldn't give it another chance. I think that trust is what makes or breaks a relationship, and i don't mean someone your with because you are lonely and looking for a companion, but someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

if you can't trust that person, then you can never love them like you could.