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  1. EllyDicious

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    How did you catch your s.o cheating on you?
    How did your s.o catch you cheating on him/her?

    What are some of the cheating stories that happened to people you know or some shocking stories you've heard in general?

    From my friend's experience - someone who shows you love in every second of the day ... is the one who cheats on you.
    [don't mean to generalize it, but it happens].

  2. Merc

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    Yeah, over-doing it can be a sign, but I think that's a poor rule to follow as most of the time, it will be obvious changes in behavior such as staying out late.
  3. Bliss

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    I've never cheated and my boyfriend has never cheated on me.

    The only story I can tell you about relates to my best friend. She is Sikh and she was in a relationship with someone for two years in secret. She couldn't tell her family about him for various reasons - the main one being that her father didn't like him. They all knew who he was as they visited the same temple. After two years she was told she was having an arranged marriage and she would be going to India to see him. There was nothing she could do as she loved her family so much and didn't want to tell them the truth. So she went to India and saw her future husband. They spent five minutes together and then she didn't see him again until a year later when they got married. During this time she was still in a relationship and kept meeting with him in secret. When she got married she was still seeing the other guy and kept it going for a good year or so. She loved him so much. What could she do? She cried on my shoulder over this many times. It was horrible seeing her in such pain over this. She was married to someone she felt nothing for and was in love with someone else who at the time said she would die for. She was having sex with both of them. She used to tell me she'd cry when having sex with her husband and he never cared. It made me sick.
    Eventually it all came out because these things have a way of coming out. Her husband heard her talking on the phone to him and it all kicked off. She ended up having to cut all ties with him. She had to for her family. It's been a year and a half now since she spoke to him. No secret phone calls and no secret meetings. She wanted to make a go of her marriage for her families sake which was awful to me. I used to tell her that I wish she didn't have to live her life like that. I hate arranged marriages so much. She was so miserable for the longest time. Anyway, she's had to live with the fact that her husband is her future. They've had a baby together which she still reassures me she is happy about and she tells me her husband treats her really well and she does feel love for him. She'll never be in love with him but she said she knows he loves her and that's the end of it. There's nothing she can do. It's heartbreaking.
  4. EllyDicious

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    What a sad story. :stare:

    Is this love?? he never cared when she cried.

    The cheating person should not be blamed in this cases.
    It's really respectful and strong of her for not wanting to go against her family but then again living with someone you don't love, it's awful.
    That's just an unfair mentality for those who are from/living in the East. :(
    You'd rather kill me than force me to live with someone I don't love or force him to live with me while he loves another.
    I don't know what I'd do if i were in her shoes....
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    How do you know when someone has cheated? Any friend that i had that had a boyfriend/girlfriend that cheated they knew because you can see a change in they way they act. They change as a person and you just dont understand why that changed happend.
  6. Bliss

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    I dunno, Elly. He was a virgin and I guess excited that he could have sex whenever he wanted. She obviously pretended she was a virgin too and said she'd just say it was hurting or something. It's hard for me to even talk about that without getting angry.
  7. Kibi

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    Oh gosh Bliss what a heartbreaking story.

    I knew my partner had cheated on me. I'm not sure how I knew I just did. I called him out on it just on the off chance I was right and he admitted to it.

    C'est la vie.
  8. Sim

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    My 2nd girlfriend cheated on me, although I'm not sure it really was cheating, or just a misunderstanding: We had known each other for a few weeks, when we would finally kiss and start something. We never made it clear, but I assumed for the first 2 or 3 weeks that we are a couple, because she behaved as if we were -- we'd show ourselves in public together and have lots of sex, and hang around most of the time together.

    Then, she invited me to some sleepover. It was all nice and fun, nice people and lots of laughing. But suddenly, she would started kissing and start something with another guy -- right in front of my eyes. I was angry and left, and when she realized that, she followed me, apologized (she was honestly shocked to see me that way) and said: "I had no idea you think that's exclusive with us."

    Well right. We had an "open relationship" for a year, but I couldn't handle it and often became jalous, until we agreed on not seeing each other again. After 3 months, she came to me again and said she wants me back. So I insisted it had to be exclusive this time. She accepted, although I knew she wasn't really comfortable with that.

    We were a couple for 4 years then, but she would often give me reason to be jalous, and I am not sure if she cheated on me. Wouldn't have surprised me, though.

    It was a mistake to stay with her for such a long time, in such a situation. It belongs to the "we learn from mistakes"-category of relationships. At any rate, I am glad it's over, but I don't blame her in the slightest. She indeed is a very nice person, just not the right match for me for a relationship. We just had different desires and preferences.
  9. ysabel

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    I just heard it from "friends" that my first bf was flirting openly with another, one night I wasn't there at a party. I asked him, he admitted. He was sorry. I dropped him. Ha, yeah I was tough on him.

    A bad cheating story from a friend of mine involves him not telling his wife he's with another girl; and him, not telling his new gf that he's married. Double whammy.
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    he's been killing 2 birds with 1 shot .
    Poor women...:shifteyes:

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