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Cheating at a lan party


Heavy Weapons Guy
LAN Party cheater EXPOSED and subsequently beaten!

They sure showed this guy. My favorite part, "Hey I think we have a cheater, Gildor!"

Some of you may have seen this, as it is not new. You guys think it was staged?


Well-Known Member
Well sometimes at LAN parties people have cameras ready for occurances like this just so that they can catch it on video because people cheat at these things all the time, the computer looks to cheap to be 2000 dollars though and I can't figure out how they figured out so quickly where the cheater was sitting in the room.

It might just be the luck of the camera man to get this on video.


Registered User
Wow, that has to be staged. I would think he guy would have been a little more upset about his computer being trashed like that. But that was a pretty cool video. Nicely done.


Food Whore
I'm going to have to go with yes. Atleast with the throwing of the computer. A, it takes a little longer to unhook the computer, B, the guys would have been in DEEP shit from throwing, and subsequently destroying, someone's pc.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I say it's a well planned out video to promote their website that they show at the end. It wouldn't be hard (or expensive) to throw an old worthless computer. It would look the same, and if they all acted well enough during the video it would look real. I think it's staged also but it's funny nonetheless.

If it's not staged then LOL! OWNED! :lol:


not a plastic bag
well, I'm old.
I saw the video and still had to go to wiki to find out what a LAN party is. (They used to be called nerd conventions -lol.)


Heavy Weapons Guy
Ya, if you pay close attention to the video, before they throw the computer, you can hear, "wait for the camera." Pretty sure it was staged, but it was still pretty funny.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Well, when you're playing games like CS source, you can kinda tell when someone is cheating as opposed to if they are just really good. Like when they shoot you in your camping spot the sec they enter the room without even hesitating.

It was a good commercial.