PlayStation 3 Cheaper PS3 coming soon


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Read in the news today that Sony will be dropping the prices on the PS3 and coming out with a new version of the PS3. A move Sony had to make to improve sales but I think it's still not good enough for the average buyer to purchase a PS3. The game selection is lackluster and without good games out, it's really hard to sell a system, even with a discount on pricing.

The top-line PlayStation model now costs $499, down from $599
A new low-end model will go on sale November 2 for $399
The new low-end model won't be able to play games made for the PlayStation 2
Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 costs $350 and Nintendo Corp.'s Wii costs $250


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I think that right now playstation 3 is way too expensive to get. The price is going to go down and the graphics will be just as good. I personally think that the Wii is more fun anyway, who cares if the Wii isn't in full high definition, most people don't use high definition anyway. I think that I might get a Wii soon. Nintendo definitely has a future just because of the fact that they are getting creative with their stuff and nobody else has taken nearly as large a step as they have.


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I'm sorry, but I think I'm pretty well set in the 360 as being my system of choice for this generation.

Why? Combination of decent (slightly high) price, great games, great games coming, the dashboard is just genius, achievements, Live, and Halo.

I'm sorry, but the PS3 -- Even with all of it's power -- just doesn't appeal to me, and I was a huge PSX/PS2 fanboy; to no end.


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I never really got into Play station much, however, I did play Gran Turismo 1,2,3, and 4. Hopefully the fifth game will be coming out soon because the graphics are by far the best I have ever seen with an animated car, unfortunately I don't think that I will be getting a play station 3. No doubt I will get a Wii though, some of the games for that look really good like, Zelda Twighlight princess, Super Mario Galaxies, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I really like the idea of a motion sensing controller, I just think that Nintendo is more creative than the Microsoft Xbox or the Sony Playstations 1,2,or 3.


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I think 360 is the way to go for this generation, if you prefer a console. Of course you could stick with a PC. They don't really have generations.


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It is about time, now I can spend only 1/2 my fortune on it. I am actually glad.


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PC's may not have generations but they certainly basically create new generations as new operating systems come out. There are already games that only run on Vista and I have XP so it's a real bummer. As for me and PS3 I don't think that I will be getting one in at least 2 more years if not longer. I have always been more of a Nintendo person.


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without backwards compatability ( which they removed from the highend versions for european launch) I wouldnt touch it. Sonys big thing was BC, they even touted it when they announced the price at the last real E3, now its not even a option.

20gig - gone, 60gig gone, 80 gig, price reduced as 20/69 were, probably soon to be gone all thats left (if they do get rid of 80) is the new 40 gig with options removed... whats next, a 100 gig with the same as 40 gig?

Sony is so screwing up in this generationwhy does it seem like Nintendo is the only one who gets BC right, the others have always have to do updates to get older games to work, while almost every GC game works on Wii and GBA works on DS, and now sony is removeing it...

Somehow I think they have forgotten what sold the PS2, sure alot of games, but mostly the reason you could play PSx games on it


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I won't get one of the newer 40gb PlayStations because of the lack of backward compatibility. That is a major selling point of the system to me. The game library is not good enough without support for the past games. Maybe it will improve later, but so far I don't see much to be excited about in the new generation of consoles.