Cheap shots at the end of the Det/Calgary game 5


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Did anyone catch the end of this game? Detroit was up by 4 I think it was... with 5 minutes to go, and Calgary pulled Kiprusoff and put in Jamie McLennan. To everyone's surprise, like 10 seconds after that McLennan started slashing Johan Franzen of the Wings and got a penalty, and then after the whistle, he delivered a huge slash to Franzen's stomach area. McLennan was tossed. Then later on, Iginla looked as if he hit Schneider with the butt end of his stick and then cross checked him (could be suspendable if it was a blatant butt end on Schneider).

It was embarassing to see a team lose it like this and do a bunch of cheap things like this, I was surprised. Hopefully Detroit finishes them off tomorrow.


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I didn't watch the game, but after reading your thoughts during the last five minutes of the game I was really surprised about what i read. The Calgary Flames are not known as a dirty team. There as to be other scenarios that played out during the series that pissed off Jim Playfair to pull off those stunts. Especially the Jarome Iginla incident. He'd be one the last players to do a stunt like this. I'll make sure to look for the highlights later on tonight.


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I never got to see the end of the game because I was out playing hockey but from what I read as well I think that the Flames finally snapped. MJ said it best , The Flames are not known for stuff like this and I think its because of that fact that they indeed just snapped. Does that make it right? Hell no but if you hold something in for so long your bound to just snap one day. The next game of this series is shaping out to be a real barn burner and I think its just the great wat for a send off of these two teams. I think it will go to game seven though mostly because the Flames are amazing on home ice.

Iginla I really didn't expect to really do anything of this nature. He is one of those guys that can score , Set up a goal and lay the body but not known for cheap shots. But I guess that he just couldn't take it anymore and just lashed out. The Wings won't lay back and take this. I think next game they will be at the Flames like crazy.


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That's a good point Kaz. Physical series that came out on a good note and now the Sharks are off because they were able to play their game despite what was going on. The playoffs are usually when you will find the most hits and even cheap shots because teams and players know that they need to do whatever it takes to win now. Then they lash out like we have seen more then once thus far and I think its safe to say that we havn't seen the last of it either.


I happened to catch the end of the Wings/Flames game and I was disappointed in the way it ended with the slash to Franzen. I'm a Detroit fan, so I was a bit upset about it. This is almost the exact same thing that happened a few weeks ago, however this time around people are not making a big deal out of it, at least of what I've seen on ESPN. It's all fine and dandy to have some emotion like that, but it's better used in a positive way, rather than a negative. I thought the way Wings coach Mike Babcock responded to the situation by not addressing it was a good idea, as it put some of the situation to rest.


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I don't think he put it to rest I think that he just instead of addressing the media he told his team that you need to be physical in the next game and make sure that the same thing don't happen again. It was a bad scence to see with the slash to Franzen but im sure the Wings won't stay down. They'll be up and fighting next game against the Flames and they'll make them pay for the cheap shots they took.