Cheap international calling?

Hey folks--
I was just wondering if any of you know of a good cheap way to call internationally? A friend of mine is moving to Spain and I still want to be able to talk to her, but I only have a cell phone. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! :D
Thanks Andrew--only question: do I have to be at my computer to use skype? I want to be able to use something from my cell phone so that I can receive calls even when I am not at home.


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Well, you can forward calls to your cell phone, so as long as you are receiving calls you are fine.

You can't call FROM your cell phone through Skype though to get the rates.
I kind of thought that about Skype--yeah, I will just have to have her call my cell via skype

--have you ever tried OneSuite to call out from your cell? My friend's mom told me she has used them in the past and liked it.


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Phone cards ^_^. You can get them from the post office and they're much cheaper than normal calling rates. You just scratch off the back and put the code/number into your cell phone.