Chat stuck at "Initialization..."


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I know there was a topic before, but I didn't know if I should've replied to that one or make a new thread.

When I try to enter chat, it stops at the "initialization..." screen.

It was working since it was last fixed, I was even on it earlier today.


Son of Liberty
I tried to get in and got the same thing.

Almost wish we could have like a backdoor link to the old chat that didnt have the 7-8 person cap.


Son of Liberty
I'm afraid I dont know what an IRC is...

but yeah, once there are roughly 8 or so members inside the chat... it wont let others in. I wasnt able to even get in the chat until later when it finally cleared out a little.


Creeping On You
IRC is one of the first main methods of chatting on the web. Just wiki IRC or Internet Relay Chat. It's very basic and was around before instant messengers.


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Chat's having some issues at the moment. It's going to cost a few thousand dollars to fix it since I need a new Adobe license. Needless to say, this is not a top priority at the moment.