Chat Room Gathering


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What is the gathering?
I decided to setup a gathering on the chat, when I enter the chat it's not so buisy, I'm usually the only one in they're. I thought that a gathering in the chat would be a good idea, so everyone can get together and discuss general forums and other subjects.

When is the gathering?
The gathering is on Friday 13th, 2 weeks away from now.

What time is the gathering?
The gathering will be starting at early afternoon, 4.45pm. It will go on through-out the night, you choose when you've had enough and wish to leave.

Where 'bout's is the gathering?
It will be held in the chat room.

Is there any requirements to enter the chat room?
Yes, but it's only a small one. 50 posts.

Who came up with the idea?
I did, I know I don't have a very high reputation on the Forums and if you don't like me very much; you do not have to attend the gathering.

Is it going to be big?
I'm not too sure, everyone is invited so each member decides that one, spread the word. (i.e . Threads, post)

Please attend, I hope this is something to look forward to. If you want extra information, leave a post on this ; when i'm online and enter the chat room.

Hybrix, please leave a post and tell me what you think & that's for all of you.

- Clever -