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Chat night


Registered Member
Sent a PM to the admin about this but not sure if he got to it....

Anyway, what do you all think about setting up a chat night? Could be difficult cause of time zones but if we made a poll or topic about best times we could work something out. Maybe figure out a couple dates and times a week best to get the most members in chat?

If you all like the idea I will be more than happy to make a topic with a poll and get things going.

Lemme know what you all think?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The problem right now is that only six people can be in chat at a time.


New Member
I would be up for one not this weekend but maybe the next, if we could :p

Haven't done one in ages it would be good.


Well-Known Member
Another chat night would be awesome. It has been a while. The last times we've inducted at least one person into the Power Hour Club, so looks like that should be you this time round Sonnilion.


Well-Known Member
A shot of beer every minute for an hour. Although that one is pretty easy. You could do a century club which is the same, but for 100 minutes. I think there are only 3 of us who have completed that one...BR, Smelnick and myself.


It's not me, it's you.
I think I was the last one in Power Hour. Basically, you take a shot every minute for an hour. I used Mike's Hard Raspberry Lemonade because I dislike beer...but almost everyone does beer.

Mine had more alcohol content! :p


I don't think I could do century. I can't hold my drink very well.
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