Charting LeBron's evolution, debut by debut

Discussion in 'NBA' started by scottmcgrady, May 4, 2006.

  1. scottmcgrady

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    Look at the whole article here

    I think that LeBron James is just too good for a 21 year old. If you look at all his debut's, you can't say that he is overrated because he is just better during the season now. What do you think?

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    He's definitely not overrated, because he's just that amazing, but he's not the only one that loves to take the key shots at the key times, because every superstar loves to have the ball when they have a chance to win the game. Also I agree that he's been amazing at every debuts, I remember is first career game in the NBA against the Kings it was simply amazing.
  3. fatboy

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    not over rated by any commentators or journalists. i think there might be some bron bron fans on here that have a biast opinion, and that is fine. he is definitely great and will be a legend in the game. 20 years from now people will be comparing current players to him like we do MJ, magic, bill russel, and so on. to say that he is the best player in the league is a little premature, but like i have said, to each his own. unfortunately opinions aren't going to make a player something he is not, or i would have to say Kobe is the greatest player at every thing in the league.

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