Charter Cities


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YouTube - Paul Romer's radical idea: Charter cities

So here's an interesting idea. The Economist Paul Romer suggests that cities be set up in developing countries where the normal rules of that nation don't apply, but rather some other set as established by a charter, and administered by a coalition of nations. It's suggested that they could do for many struggling countries around the world, what Hong Kong did for China. I'm having a difficulty seeing what might be wrong with this, if such arrangements could be made between the necessary parties.
In particular the idea of creating a charter city in Guantanamo Bay to foster development and freedom in Cuba seems quite reasonable.

Romer is onto something here. Cities like Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong or Dubai are amongst the most exciting and multicultural in the world. They are definitely models to consider. However the issue here is always the feasibility of such projects politically. Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai are consequences of a set of rare geopolitical settings. Much like classical Greek city-states were mostly a consequence of the geography of Greece.