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Charlotte/Paige promo


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Why are people making a controversy of the Charlotte/Paige promo? Maybe I'm imaging things but it seems like Charlotte's brothers been part of her kayfabe for years. She cried talking about him on cheap heat at Mania. Cried in a good way, it means a lot to her and she's not hid it.

It was a far cry from Big Boss man screaming your daddy's dead at Big Show


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I loved the Boss Man / Big Show rivalry. Classic attitude era ridiculousness haha

Anyway, its Momma Flair's fault because she got so butthurt over it. I think the only problem I had with it is that Ric and her weren't notified ahead of time. They shoulda been told but otherwise, eh, whatever. Remember the Paul Bearer stuff? They had to the decency to even ask his two sons if its was okay.

Using someones death to get heat or add to a storyline has been for years. I mean come on Rey, Eddie's down there...in hell.


Registered Member
Here's where the big problem is with the promo right now:

According to WWE's statement, it was Charlotte's idea to throw this in the promo. However, if it would've been the case, Charlotte would've most definitely told her parents about it, just to be sure they were okay with this, which didn't happen since both Ric & Ashley Fliehr's mother, Elizabeth, were unaware that this would happen. Basically, what WWE - or should I say Vince McMahon - did is that they wiped their hands clean of this and threw Charlotte under the bus about the idea, even though some top WWE officials were against the idea itself but like Flair said in his podcast, Charlotte isn't in a comfortable position with the company to turn them down so she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Personally, like I said many times on numerous platforms since Monday night, I think they could've achieved the exact same result of Paige being the uber-heel by going another route.

And there's a big difference between this promo and the other ones you mentioned in this thread. Big Show/Bossman was clearly fictional. Vickie Guerrero was working with the company already when Eddie died so she probably was aware of the angle when it happened. Yes, WWE asked Paul Bearer's 2 sons about using their father's death for the buildup between Punk & Taker but ultimately, it turned out they were uncomfortable with what they saw on TV. The Reid Fliehr situation is worse than that: basically, WWE rubbed in Ric Flair & his family's face, something that has been a nightmare for them for the past couple of years just for the sake of enhancing a storyline involving Reid's own sister. I'm not gonna sit here and chastize anybody who didn't feel offended by the promo on Monday because this isn't my place to do so but I definitely understand their outrage and disappointment over how WWE handled this. I'm sure that Ric Flair will put this behind him quickly but still, it's another morally questionable route that Vince McMahon used on Monday. I just hope that Paige and Charlotte can put one helluva match together on Sunday to make us forget about that promo and focus on where it should be and that's 2 tremendous ladies busting their ass off at Survivor Series.