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TV Charlie Sheen


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Well, the news just made a report that actor Charlie Sheen is in the hospital.
According to HLN...someone called from the hotel he was staying at, telling the police there was a naked man who was incoherent running around.
According to the news, Charlie Sheen had returned to his hotel room with a woman, and some time later he went nutso when he found his wallet missing....thus he ended up out in the hallway, naked.....not sure what happened to the woman.
Anyway, his manager states that Sheen had an allergic reaction to some medication he was on, and should be released from the hospital soon~
Can't wait to hear the whole story really....I like Charlie Sheen......


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I like his acting, but his personal life seems to be a bit.... all over the shop to be honest.
I be the woman he was with was pretty scared when she saw him go nuts, haha.


Sultan of Swat
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This doesn't really surprise me, he was probably really drunk or on drugs. He's had issues all his life and he really needs help in my opinion.

I'm in agreement, I can't wait to find out the full story. I think we can all agree that it probably wasn't an allergic reaction.


Everyone has the same "allergic reaction" to narcotics. Haha.

I agree, funny guy, but completely fucked up.


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It's a situation where.....people will laugh their ass off at him, or feel sad for him.
I think most celebrities feel they have the power to have it all...and also may think they are invincible.
I don't believe for one minute either that he had an allergic reaction....he was drunk and fucked up...and he has been fucking up for quite some time.
But I do like some of his acting....the news also reported that his ex-wife Denise Richards and their children were in the adjoining room next to his!
Wonder how much money he had in his wallet??.....I'd be pissed too if somebody stole mine with it loaded :-o


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I really feel sorry for him, it's like 2 and half men is almost portrayed on his real life! Very good actor.


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Well his ex-wife Denise Richards had nice things to say about him last night on the Joy Behar show.
She didn't comment really on what actually happened at the hotel, she simply said she would let Charlie speak for himself when he is ready, but went on to say that Charlie is a great Dad to their 2 little girls and they remain good friends......make better friends than a married couple.
I can relate to that!