TV Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

I personally believe this to be one of the best television programmes created. Funny, sarcastic, irreverent, remarkable, informed, witty, stylised and downright interesting.

And perhaps the catchiest theme music I've heard in a long time.

Does anyone else like this? Or not, I suppose?
Aspirational TV by Charlie Brooker

YouTube - Charlie Brookers Screenwipe S2E1P3

I was going to put this in television, yet I reckon it needs a more discussive approach than just that. Watching this video from 4 minutes 5 seconds in, what do you make of the 'rant' by Charlie Brooker regarding aspirational television? It seems pretty relevant to me.

WARNING: This video contains some coarse language, just in case you are the sort of person who may be offended by this. Thanks.


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i love Screenwipe and if you check on youtube you can get so many great episodes you can watch.

did people watch Gameswipe, that was brilliant
i love Screenwipe and if you check on youtube you can get so many great episodes you can watch.

did people watch Gameswipe, that was brilliant
True true, I have seen many perhaps them all. I don't think I've watched one where I haven't laughed. And by God they are informative. I'd recommend it to everyone. -- Except the easily offended, and Bill O Reilly.

Yep saw that too, loved it. Especially Dara O Brain's awful gaming skills.

Kudos to you :)
I prefer "You have been watching", its funnier and less of the angry man tirade.

YouTube - You Have Been Watching S02E05 part 1/4 (Bastard Spectacular)
Have you been watching is good, although I am unsure of whether I would call it funnier. I probably wouldn't. It is jolly entertaining though.
I think the appealing factor to Screenwipe etc, isn't just because of Charlie Brooker though. I reckon it's the general set-up.

For instance, a tribute to Ronnie Hazlehurst and Nigel Kneale chucked in, a forensic psychologist's analysis on mass murderers thrown in to address shootings and media coverage (Newswipe) or even the poetry by Tim Key.

It's quite a rounded programme, and also it helps that it is rip-roaringly funny and seems to shed light on what I should probably know to be true, yet cannot articulate or envision for myself. It's a real eye-opener.

Fair enough, for the most part, this stuff is only about television, but it is relevant in the way that television is a massive entertainment medium. To be honest, I'm pretty sure that all of Charlie Brooker's work thus far is pretty damn good, from what I've seen.

Guess I just felt like sharing a TV series that I truly believe to be brilliant. I recommend it to others.

-- Oh, and thanks for the clip. It made me laugh :D *thumbs up*


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One of my favourite bits on Screenwipe. Hilarious.

Also love - in no particular order:

'Scary TV' - In which a petrified Brooker is harassed by a mouse.
Deal or No Deal - In which he explains this show.
'Falling off a Log' - In which making TV, turns out NOT to be as easy as.
Runner/Talent tales, in which he looks at the harsh life of the backstage TV nobodies, and ends up being beaten up.

Hilarious. Clever. Brilliant.